Begun in the sheds of two Taranaki locals- mates with a passion for quality all grain freshly hopped craft beer and a love of all things Taranaki.

The journey began with a kit spawning a god-awful drop know as Brown Sugar Larger, this was to the detriment of the Lemon tree which was the main benefactor of that first brew and has subsequently departed this world.

Fortunately, undeterred and many brews later some very fine award-winning (ok, ok, it was just at the local A&P show, but we owned it) craft beers have been created.  After one too many comments of ‘You should sell this!’ the decision was made to take the plunge and share this excellent product with the Taranaki locals and show case to visitors what our region can produce – Forgotten 43 Brewing was born!

What has ensued has been a whirlwind of crazy busy uphill grind. The kind of self induced grind like riding a single speed mountain bike or ‘running it straight’ in a rugby match; you know there is a easier way, but that way is not for you.