Few things are certain in life, all the more important to mark time by catching up with family and friends over a few quiet beers.

When we first entertained the thought of jumping in the deep end and trying to start a commercial brewery, we really searched for the why? Sure we could comfortably bang out all manner of beer styles from the shed, had enough to keep us going and more importantly a few to share with our closest mates and family. Life’s rhythm was hypnotic and the going relatively smooth.

So why? Mostly because we are a little crazy! Not the ‘bat shit crazy’ like what gets you a special suit and a position in goal for a hockey match. The semi-crazy kind, single speed mountain biker, or the bloke who is always looking to hit it up the middle in a game of footy, the girl who carves out a Half marathon on the trails beating the feet on a Sunday morning. ¬†Anyway here is our why :

  • To share our delicious creations with more people that our little 20 Litre Brewery will allow.
  • To build a business with a product that we are proud of, high quality and variation with great flavour just like we did on a small scale.
  • We want to build something that our community can be proud of, something that reflects our journey as a region and its pioneering history.